We provide two varieties of turf grass: seashore paspalum and El Toro zoysia.

Our sod is ready to walk on immediately. We cut the turf grass into 2 feet by 4 feet pieces (8 square feet per piece).

$3/square foot for El Toro zoysia

$2/square foot for seashore paspalum

We also sell seashore paspalum stolons for people with more time and patience. Stolons are horizontal runners that grow into a lawn in about eight weeks. We sell seashore paspalum stolons by the bushel. Each bushel covers 100 square feet.

$35/bushel for homeowners

$30/bushel for contractors

Soil and compost: compost, planting mix and ground covers are sold on site by Organic Matters Hawaii. Call owner Deano Maruyama (Dean’s son) at 808-640-5543 to schedule an order.